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08/07/2009 - AECO tient la forme
01/21/2008 - Le concept fabless réussit au connecticien français AECO
Aeco Company
1. Organisation
AECO’ s team is strongly dedicated and specialised to achieve missions that we committed to fulfill for our customers and industrial partners. Today, AECO has two offices located in France and Malaysia to follow all our customers’ projects on strategic manufacturing area (Europe & Asia) and, deal with our partners in the most appropriate language. Moreover, our Asian team is dedicated to locally coordinate our industrial partners and grant a fast, an efficient and short processing of your requests, without any distorsion nor confusion.

Our strong knowledge on Industrial Processes, give us the ability to propose a wide range of standart products as well as customized solutions, under favourable price conditions and with adapted development lead-time to your activity, which means for us, short lead-time.

To finish with, our carefully controlled supply chain organization provides you optimized shipping lead-time, which are generally short, to help you react to your own customers’ or market demands.

2. Philosophy & Missions
AECO is committed to follow a strict code of conduct and this one is understood as fundamental by our teams. This Code of Conduct helps us to make sure that we dealing properly with all our Partners. Our principle concerns when designing a project are the following :
  • Sharing our knowledge and help our Partners to improve their products.
  • Proposing and providing technically and economically appropriate products.
  • Supplying good quality products and not endangering users of our products.
  • Designing and developping efficiently with commitment our products.
  • Approaching simply Your projects and being responsible for provided solutions.
  • Listening and Learning from our Partners to renew our ideas and knowledge to keep on helping our customers.
This code of Conduct we follow during projects development doesn’t exclude that we follow as well the Moral & Ethics Rules on People and Environment respect ; you wil find this Chart on chapter “Company’s Ethics”.
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