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08/07/2009 - AECO tient la forme
01/21/2008 - Le concept fabless réussit au connecticien français AECO
Welcome to Aeco
A brige to your developement
AECO is specialised in interconnection products. Meaning to say that we will be at your side to propose you a wide range of connectors, flat cables and harnesses to be integrated in your own applications and new projects. And, in the case of this choice didn’t fit your requirements, we would take a real care of developping the products that would perfectly adjust to your application and would permit you to achieve your targets.

AECO also proposes you a full set of services which grant you to focus on your know-how ; we will advise you on appropriate products, we would modify them if necessary, and then ensure the delivery to your manufacturing sites.
Our Products
For your activities, AECO is able to propose you a very wide range of products in the following products families :
  • FFC & FPC :
    Flat cables extremely flexible and cost-savings in Polyester or, customised cables with shapes adapted to your devices requirements on which components can be mounted.
  • Wire and Cable Harnesses :
    Our harnesses are assembled with our connectors but with the most reknown connectors brands of the market. Our automatic and semiautomatic machines can process a large number of connectors brands.
  • Connectors :
    A rich range of connectors : Wire-to-board, board-to-board, IDC, I/O (USB, Firewire, HDMI ...), SIM and Smart Card Connectors. An extremely wide range of products to support you on all your projects.
  • Wires & Cables :
    We use UL hook up wires and cable to ensure you the highest security possible on the quality of our products. Cables are manufactured according to our designs and assembled on our.
Series 354 - SMT Version
Series 100 - IDC Housing
Series 102 - Straight and R/A Header SMT Type
Series 101 - Housing and Contact
Flat Cables
FFC - Flat Fexible Cables : Economical and Lightweight, they are used to interconnect PCBs’ with appropriate connectors families. They are available with Pitch 0.5mm, 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm and 1.25 mm.
FPC - Flat Printed Circuits : High performance cables - in PI or PET Insulation - they are fully customized and allowed component integration on their surfaces.
Jumpers - Flat cable for PCB connection : Very economical, they allow interconnection of PCBs’ through wavesoldering process.
A very wide products range available to support many different type of applications :

  • Board-to-Board Connectors
  • Wire-to-Board Connectors
  • FFC & FPC Connectors
  • I/O Connectors (IEEE-1394, USB, HDMI)
  • Smart Card and SIM Card Connectors
  • ...
Wire and Cable Harnesses
Our wire and cable harnesses are always customized and may be equipped with numbers of accessories :

  • UL Hook up Wires and Cables
  • Customer-designed cables
  • Ferrite Cores
  • Overmolding
  • Specific connectors
  • Switches
  • ...
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